Chicago’s D2X has been building up momentum this year with the release of multiple singles that have showcased the rapper’s growth both musically and intrinsically. Now, D2X is continuing his streak and evolution with his latest single, “Kryptonite”.

In contrast to D2X’s previous release (the house-influenced banger “Go!”), the emcee returns to his more introspective side on “Kryptonite”. He centers his mind of the everyday struggles and stresses that ultimately keep him away from the things he really wants to be spending time on, and this song serves as his way of taking stock of his current situation in life and wrestling with how to move forward. Producer and featured rapper Quis soundtracks this moment of self-reflection with an instrumental that escalates, allowing D2X’s flow to evolve along with it. The prominent guitar strums throughout come at uneven intervals, and both rappers craft their flows around the beat in a way that makes their words hit with more impact. With “Kryptonite”, D2X and Quis take a more somber detour from their last song together while still making something that hits hard in its own way.

Stream “Kryptonite” by D2X and Quis below: