LL intern
LL intern
11 Feb 2020

Amidst many different aliases and constant time spent in the studio, it’s kind of an anomaly how YoungBoy Never Broke Again has managed to stay so low key for such a long time. He has released a number of mixtapes in the past few years, some performing better than others, but also dropped his debut album Until Death Call My Name a couple years back, which helped garner attention around his music. Although he has had legal issues and I believe just recently got off of house arrest, he was grinding the entire time and making music from the solitude of his home in order to appease fans and keep some buzz around his name.

With his next project Still Flexin Still Steppin set to release in a couple weeks, he decided to drop a single called “Knocked Off” in order to excite his listeners and get them ready for the upcoming project. The intense track begins with a beat comprised of deep and mischievous piano, some unique percussion, and even some sounds that somewhat remind me of dial tones. His flow is deliberate, energetic, and insistent which plays along with some of the topics he describes in detail throughout the song. One of these topics includes how he has inspired some younger generations to follow his lead, even if the example he sets isn’t one that most parents would agree with. He also mentions similar narratives as some of his other songs like graphically violent acts where he paints a vivid picture of the scene he’s imagining in his head.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has a unique approach to Louisiana rap music. He clearly draws inspiration from other parts of the country as well as his hometown of Baton Rouge, but he brings so many different styles together and gets them to work cohesively, which isn’t usually an easy thing to do for many artists. He sets a scene and tells a story as if he just experienced it and went right to the studio to tell the tale, and I think that’s one of the major advantages he possesses over other artists in the industry. “Knocked Off” is the perfect placeholder for YoungBoy fans while they await his upcoming project to release, so whether you’ve been a fan for years or are just getting into him, you’re sure to enjoy his latest offering.

Words by Danny Adams