Kiss + Touch – [David Shawty] & [Caspr]

I’ve always been a big fan of David Shawty, but I didn’t realize just how much influence he has had on the rising hyperpop genre until quite recently. So many of these young kids look up to him as a founding father of the genre, and rightfully so because he was honestly one of the first artists making this wild and insanely creative type of music before most other musicians ever even dreamt of it. Most recently, he teamed up with Caspr, an artist I’m not overly familiar with, for a brand-new track entitled “Kiss + Touch”, and I couldn’t have been more excited to share it with you all.

Produced by Deliverthecrush and 4evr, things open up with some deep, soothing synths of some sort that are joined by rattling percussion and a plethora of frantic ad-libs that are a trademark detail of classic David Shawty records. In the beginning, Caspr takes over the chorus and the first verse, utilizing a very thoughtful, passionate delivery that’s higher-pitched and compliments the instrumental flawlessly. When it’s time for David to come in and do his thing on the second verse, he sticks with a relatively similar sound, yet his voice is just a bit naturally deeper, and he rotates through various cadences as he makes his way throughout this portion.

If you’re familiar with David’s other music, the chaotic ad-libs might seem too busy up the beat a bit, but that’s one of the many inventive reasons why I, as well as countless others, are such big fans of his. In fact, this might be one of his tamer offerings, making it a perfect foundational song to check out if you’re just finding out about the iconic underground artist now. There’s even a pg3-directed music video that isn’t absolutely over the top, but it gives us a proverbial face to the name, so that’s never an issue with me whatsoever. Caspr also impressed me a ton with this one, and I think his sound works super well alongside David as well, so I certainly hope there’s more new music from this dynamic duo in the near future. While we wait and see, though, make sure you tune into David Shawty and Caspr’s latest song “Kiss + Touch” as soon as you can.