KING 2.0 – [King Marie]

Chicago’s multi-faceted star known as King Marie has been someone who has been making a killing within the Chicago music scene for years now. Also known as DJ King Marie, she has been a part of many major events and has DJ’ed tons of functions all throughout Chicago. Not being limited to just one outlet of music, King Marie also makes music as well and does a very amazing job at it. After the release of her debut EP The Prelude back in 2019, she would spend the next year or so focusing on bettering herself not only as an artist but as an overall human being. Today, she is back and better than ever premiering her brand new single and video for her song “King 2.0”.

Being someone who is as active as King Marie is in the creative world, there’s no doubt in my mind that being rebuilt and reborn again is inevitable. In “King 2.0”, she reflects on that process and speaks on everything that she has worked so hard for in her life, and now being able to enjoy the fruits of her labor. While she primarily sings on her other records, this time around she lays a couple of rap verses on her first rap track that she’s done. Having been working so hard over the span of her underground career, she is finally at the point in her life where she feels free to talk her shit and really let people know who she is and what she’s capable of.

While speaking to her about the direction of the song and the visuals, King Marie states:

“I wanted to make a visual that acknowledged my growth. I’m really proud of who I am and what i’ve done so far, and I wanted to pay homage to that, while letting it be known that I’m just getting started. The video starts with me being stripped down as the prototype, then builds to be KING 2.0 with each scene. Every scene is me in real life. Getting tatted, getting custom jewelry, getting dressed, and with all the people i’d really do it with. The scientist scene is basically me vs. myself—highly critiquing every part of myself to eventually really seeing myself face-to-face and crowning myself in acknowledgement.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that the next body of work that King Marie is working on will have more vibes like this one, as well as her showcasing everything else she has to offer. In the meantime, check out her visuals for “King 2.0” below, and be sure to stay connected with her on Twitter!