Throughout the past few years, rap has taken several dramatic mutations toward more melodic, fast-paced beats. Every so often, a new sound will come along and shake things up, but rarely without showing roots to the genre’s current condition. Today, presenting something just left of rap’s current popular sounds, an artist named Curtis Waters is here with his refreshing new single, “Kilos.”

At first glance, the most identifiable element of the song is its slowed pace. The production takes on more of a relaxed feel, and accordingly, Waters’ deliveries adjust with drawn-out vocal runs and a heavy emphasis on melody. This unique sound couldn’t be fully completed without the right lyrics, however, and Waters is sure to oblige. Noting that each line holds far more power in this slowed environment, the budding talent makes sure to swing for anthemic status upon his every word, and an applausable extent, he achieves such with a notable supply of replay value to match.

That said, “Kilos” is a breath of fresh air, spinning off of popular sounds in an eccentric way. Be sure to check it out for yourself by streaming the song on SoundCloud below!

Produced by @deczbeats