Kill Bill – [Hatesonny]

Hatesonny is someone who I have been ranting + raving about here on our website and in conversations that I have been having with my music industry friends for about a year now. His project “Golden Child” was one of my personal favorite albums of last year, and it even earned a top 20 spot in my annual Top 50 Chicago Projects article. A couple of the standout records that were featured on that project were “Moon Child” and “Kill Bill”, and today we are receiving a music video for the latter of the two. I interviewed Hatesonny back in October of 2020 and at that point, his song “Kill Bill” maybe had about 10,000 streams on Spotify at the time. Today, that song has accumulated well over three million streams on Spotify between the fast + regular versions of the song. A massive part of this can be credited to the fast version of the track going viral on Tik-Tok, and opening the door for many people to see just how dope of an artist that Sonny is. A music video for this record was a necessity, and Sonny + his team came through with an excellent video if you ask me. I am so excited to see how Sonny continues to develop as an artist in the future, but for now, watch this brand new music video below!