Kill Bill – [G.T.]

Detroit rapper G.T. has been one of the most underrated figures in a densely talented and wildly popular rap scene that has birthed the careers of many of music’s newest stars in the past year or two, but G.T. is looking poised to elevate above his current position in his scene’s standings and establish himself within the mainstream alongside his fellow Motion Gang members. G.T.’s flow are just as effortless as his fellow Motor City artists and delivers his lyrics in a manner that is noticeably nonchalant while also very seasoned and well-informed, never ever sounding flustered or rattled. On his newest visual for “Kill Bill” we hear G.T. take on a stripped back and guitar laced instrumental that is slower than most Detroit songs but still has a noticeable Detroit tempo that makes it easy for him to walk on the beat with such style.