Kids These Days! – [Egovert]

I had only once heard of Egovert prior to his most recent EP Kids These Days!, and that was on a track I wrote up for one of my favorite Virginia talents, 909Memphis. On that song, I definitely appreciated his skill and sound, but I felt like he was holding back somewhat, despite the fact that I had no other frame of reference for the type of music he made. When I came across him again today with his relatively new EP, I decided to tune in and expand my horizons because I knew he most likely had a lot more to offer, and man was I right. From the moment I pressed play on Kids These Days! to the moment it ended, I was enthralled in an alternate universe that Ego pieced together with his various lyrics, deliveries, and just overall off the wall personality. I quickly realized that I have been missing out on this intriguing persona for quite some time, and now I’m not going to be able to help but tune in to every single drop he gifts us moving forward.

As for the EP, it boasts just 6 powerful songs that clock in at just over twelve and a half minutes, but every single second on this project counts. Right off the bat, we’re introduced by the title track, which is specified to be the intro, but it lasts longer and is a lot more musical than many other intros I’m used to hearing. As drops of water and a mysterious synth plays in the background, Ego begins to spit some energetic bars that show off his rhyming skills early on before more electronic, upbeat synths enter into the picture and transport this track to a completely new dimension. He speaks his words in a very blatant, explicit manner as to make sure that you hear each and every lyric loud and clear, no matter how violent or raunchy the line might be. Out of nowhere, it seems as if a demon possesses his body as he begins screaming bloody murder, truly bringing out the wildest, most hectic side of himself which definitely captures your attention as if you weren’t already captivated by his previous bars.

The next track “Drugs In My Kool-Aid!” brings an overly entertaining bounce to the EP, using choppy synths along with intricate drums that bring out an effervescent sound that Ego just toys with, having fun the entire way through. “Shout Out Simba!” is up next, and the beat possesses characteristics that make it sound as if we’re on a safari in the same setting that the Lion King character would be roaming around in. Flexin Fab, the only feature on the project, plays a part in this song and his contributions along with Ego’s additionally chaotic disposition truly combine flawlessly with one another. I believe the next song “Velvet!” might’ve been a single, but I had never heard it before so I’m not positive in all honesty. Regardless, the instrumental uses a trumpet to create an addicting melody before booming drums and crisp percussion enter the scene and provide a bit of hastiness that just makes you want to move. Once again, Egovert just tears his parts to shreds but does so in such a fun-loving, effortless fashion that you can’t help but vibe along to.

The penultimate track “Suede!” provides an almost Asian-like backdrop or aura that brings us to another part of the planet. Ego has a bit of aggression in his voice as he delivers his bars in a condescending tone, but rightfully so considering he’s rhyming more intricately and impressively than so many artists out right now. Finally, the last song on the EP is called “All White Everything!” and ends this project in a wonderful way. The production is simplistic with certain guitar riffs that come and go very briefly as well as a minimalistic drumline that keeps the rhythm on display. As Ego spits, his main vocals are energetic, but his ad-libs are screamed at certain points to truly emphasize his point. This isn’t the first time he uses this stylistic choice on this project, but it is definitely the most memorable time because it sticks in your head considering the project comes to a close after this song comes to an end.

All I have to say after listening to this EP is that I can’t believe I slept on Egovert for this long. I know he’s still on the come up, but he’s been amassing a cult following for a while now and it’s completely understandable why. He is so outgoing and isn’t afraid to really let himself loose, unleashing a wild, alternate side of himself that most people might be too embarrassed or self-conscious to let out. Not only is his energy and vivacity notable, but his flows, lyricism, and overall disposition all combine with one another to truly display his vast array of talents in the perfect way. It seems like his enthusiasm is controlled by a switch because one moment he can be calm and spitting straight bars and in an instant, he begins yelling and screaming as if he went off the deep end. Either way, he was beyond addicting to listen to throughout every single moment of this EP and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future, because I’m definitely going to be paying attention. If you’ve been sleeping on Egovert prior to this EP like I was, Kids These Days! is the wakeup call we needed and it’s well worth the listen, so tune in as soon as you get the chance.