At this point in the summer, if you’re any sort of rap listener – whether it’s casual or you’re an aficionado – you’ve likely heard “Kid Cudi,” (AKA Pissy Pamper) by Playboi Carti and Young Nudy. This track was leaked in late spring, and caught fire on both Soundcloud and YouTube, with Carti even performing it live at multiple shows. Many have attempted remixes of the brilliant track, but none have done so like Xavier Wulf in his latest release just a few days ago. Xavier comes in hot with his signature flow and energy, making anyone from your best friend to your grandma want to get up and move.

”At first I told her no, but now I think I’ll have a sip – ever since I got my money right I’m smiling like the Grinch.” I found myself cheesing to this head-banging line just like many of the Memphis native’s tracks have done in times past. The joint has already reached a staggering 280k streams in just three days on Soundcloud.

Listen to “Kid Cudi (Remix)” below!