Keep Your Eyes Straight and Your Mouth Shut-[Southside Anxt]
Keep Your Eyes Straight and Your Mouth Shut basically means to be brainwashed. The overarching theme is religious, but used as a juxtaposition to everyday life and choices we make in spite of a belief system. This is also the closest I have ever come to making a trap album” – Southside Anxt
Chicago native Southside Anxt returns to Lyrical Lemonade with Keep Your Eyes Straight and Your Mouth Shut; a polished 2018 EP re-release via Project FILO and Sparta Distribution. The five-track project follows Watching Paint Dry, which is a series of planned re-releases leading up to his [brand new] debut album. With bass-heavy production and ill-boding themes, this EP is an ambitiously creative [and successful] attempt to merge conscious lyricism with trap music. The minimalistic cover art aligns with the religious concepts discussed as Anxt cleverly presents real-world circumstances apposed with the unknown. Moreover, every song contains its own level of ambiguity, which is a signature quality of Southside Anxt’s artistry and identity.   Universally, however, it is mystery paired with angst; typically followed by an ingenious abstract concept that makes up a piece of Anxt’s discography. In terms of standouts, “SERMON” quite comfortably takes the crown; it’s truthfully two songs in one, since the track sonically shifts around the 2:22 mark for a total of five-minutes and sixteen seconds. Keep your Eyes Straight and Your Mouth Shut is a phenomenally concise EP with several intricate, expressive layers. The project likely won’t make complete sense [to you], but as advertised, your mouth is supposed to be shut. Open your ears and listen below!