Karma – [Juno]

The seemingly limitless amount of intersections that the rising state of pop music holds moving into the future is truly one of, if not its most fascinating aspect. We are moving into a new era that is forging a convention-less status for itself, while utilizing tried and true conventions from the worlds of dance, hip-hop, and so many other genres as its tools to do so.

But if that notion is not the most incredible facet that this scene has in store, then perhaps its youthful cast of talents making some of the most expertly-crafted and fine-tuned pop offerings throughout the entire music world, regardless of age, will do it instead. The pure sense of pop-prowess that these acts hold in their own artistry has been reserved in the past for only the most esteemed and experienced figures in the genre, but the fact that they are doing so with as much ease as they are just goes to show how unprecedented this group really is in our modern times.

For perhaps one of the absolute most clear-cut examples of both concepts put into motion, look no further than the latest single from 15-year-old Juno entitled “Karma” — easily among this year’s most resounding single tracks from any single act out of this all-too-saturated scene.

Going above and beyond to do the following better than any of his other tracks within his catalog, this song takes only the best aspects of what makes this modern take on pop music as incredible as it is and places them at their fullest and most spotless level in one swift experience. Juno’s incredible sense of appeal and intrigue shines through in both his vocal performance on its own, and certainly through the lyrical themes that are infused within it.

This performance is all conducted over easily one of the most awe-inspiring and genuinely breathtaking instrumentals of the year from Hallow, as he crafted together a blatant pop odyssey that seamlessly combines its trance-like backing synths with a chip-tune lead riff to bring about a beat that is just as sporadic as it is clearly controlled.

Juno does his part in making the absolute best out of this incredibly involved instrumental via his gripping hook that kicks off the track beautifully, along with his equally enticing verses that spell out a sentimental narrative of confusion and indecisiveness. His command on the mic soars through the mix despite his intentionally understated delivery, which just serves as yet another dynamic element within a song that could not ask for much more already.

This single in its entirety represents the most vividly current picture of pop music today, while also working as something of a statement piece on Juno’s behalf that so clearly proves he belongs at the forefront of this scene as it continues to surge upwards. With such an early grasp on what makes this type of music click in all the best manners imaginable, it is safe to say that place will be easily taken as more releases from this unmistakable talent come through.