Kane – [Lokolil]

There’s no denying New York City’s resurgence into the main event of the music scene, and while NYC is never truly going to be overlooked no matter how crazy other regions are going, I feel like there was a moment where there just wasn’t as much going on. Now, this is compared to other periods of time where there was nothing happening anywhere else in the world that was even comparable to the major waves that were coming out of the Empire State, but when artists like the late, great Pop Smoke came onto the scene with a unique drill sound, there was no denying this was going to be a movement that lasted for quite a while.

Ever since Pop blazed his own trail, other emcees have come out of the woodwork to have their own fun, and while there are plenty of rappers who sound like rip-offs and replicas, Lokolil carved his own path and is reaping the benefits of his innovation more and more every single day. At just 21 years old, Lokolil still has quite a ways to go, but with the unbelievable foundation he has crafted, there is no denying he’ll be sitting at the winner’s table before you even realize it.

His brand-new EP Kane just dropped at the end of last week, and while these three songs might leave me wanting more, that’s a fantastic outcome compared to other artists who I don’t want to witness ever again after a few records. There is just such individualism behind his flows as he almost yells half of his lyrics, showing off his enthusiasm but also the passion that he exuberates every chance he gets. On the flip side, his production has this soulful undertone that pairs wonderfully with the NYC drill rhythm as it juxtaposes Lokolil’s vigorous deliveries.

This EP leaves me wanting more because it’s just so enthralling that 8 minutes isn’t enough time for me to truly appreciate his artistry, but with a slew of other hits online and I’m sure more to come on the horizon, he is certainly one of the people at the top of my radar moving forward.