Just Friends – [Lovsky]

I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people throughout my time in the music industry, and this has led to the privilege of making some incredible friends along the way as well. Whether they’re artists themselves, managers, A&Rs, other writers, or have any other position in the business, I have been able to learn unexplainable amounts from them, and I am forever grateful for their help and guidance along the way.

One musician that I am lucky to consider a friend is the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter known as Lovsky, because she is seriously just multifaceted, beyond skilled, and passionate about her art which has taught me so much about myself and my own endeavors. While I admittedly grow impatient for her to release new music because I just want to keep hearing more and more from her, I feel like she is one of the few exceptions I make when I hear how much time and effort actually goes into crafting a singular song.

She doesn’t just sporadically jump in the booth and hit the record button, but rather spends long hours and carefully curates each record so that way she articulates exactly the narrative she is trying to get across in a manner that is perfect, so while the wait can be long and I may grow impatient, it’s always worth it. That’s the case once again with her latest release entitled “Just Friends”, which boasts a jazzy, buoyant production with trumpets and other melodic instruments that enter and exit whimsically as a way to put a spotlight on her words as she sings them.

In turn, her voice is just so smooth, pure, and confident as she maintains her composure while still showing exactly how passionate she is about the subject matter she croons about. As with pretty much all tracks from Lovsky, this one has a powerful story that she details throughout, expressing her emotions about a friendship that she believes could turn into something deeper, but she knows that this could ruin the relationship overall if anything does end up happening between the two of them. On so many different levels, Lovsky is one of a kind, and although I hope that we don’t have to wait too much longer for more music, I am more than happy to listen to “Just Friends” for as long as it takes!