JUNE-[Caleb Peters]

It goes without saying that there is so much music circulating the music industry these days. Same genres, same styles, same sounds, etc; The list goes on. With the recurring recycling of music, it’s super easy to feel uninspired, but today, I’m pleased to bring an artist on to our pages who has broken the cycle of normalcy for me after listening to just one of his songs.

If you haven’t heard of Caleb Peters yet, then allow me to introduce you to an up and coming talent who you will definitely hear more about in 2022. His latest and greatest song, “JUNE” was sent to me via my email submissions recently and I’ve been enamored by his unique sound and diversified style ever since lending my ear to it. The 18 year old, from Detroit MI writes and produces all his songs, which is a skill in and of itself; but when you hear the polish and professionalism that’s present within this art, you will leave even more impressed.

From the moment I turned on “JUNE”, an overwhelming sense of refreshment took over as I hadn’t heard a song this ambitious in a while. It’s sad to say, but I have yet to dive into the rest of his discography for the simple fact that I’ve been obsessed with this single and can’t bring myself to listen to anything else due to the sheer brilliance of it. I honestly wouldn’t even know what genre to place this in as it is one of the most original sounding pieces I’ve heard in a while. Caleb has an unforgettable voice and tone that will have you coming back for more and more until you’re completely satisfied. This offering is just a fun + immersive experience and I know y’all will enjoy it as well! I’ve attached the youtube link down below, so check this one out and let us know what you think.