July! – [JELEEL!]

There is no doubt that you have heard or seen the name JELEEL! over the past couple of weeks. The LA-based rapper isn’t necessarily a new name, already delivering massively addictive songs such as “DIVE IN!” and “JELEEL JUICE!” that contains some kind of sonic serum that boosts your energy levels through battery acid-lined production and JELEEL!’s dynamic delivery. His latest release, “July!,” follows in the footsteps of the aforementioned songs, building on the irresistible combination of JELEEL!’s pitched delivery, tongue-in-cheek lyricism, and hard-hitting production, in this case, provided by producer Peyote. Released alongside an accompanying music video, JELEEL! is exploding with energy in the Karl Perkins shot visual of his new single, capturing the electricity coursing through the song’s production and JELEEL!’s delivery. “July!” is beyond addicting and is rightfully gaining traction everywhere you look. This is a single you’re not going to want to turn off, and the accompanying video only adds to the entire picture of what makes JELEEL! an exciting artist; his oozing confidence and charisma. 

Watch the new video for “July!” by JELEEL! below.