Chuck Ramos
Chuck Ramos
10 Oct 2019

The need to be multidimensional as a rapper today is almost a necessity. Towing a fine line between melodic and lyrically precise, Portland-based rapper Myke Bogan encompasses this ability to a tee. His latest release is a double-feature of his two most recent singles, “Jolly” and “No Peace.” Duality is the nature behind these contrasting yet complementary records exemplifying what makes Myke Bogan’s story so unique.

This double feature release opens with the sultry and sentimental sway of “Jolly.” Engulfed in the glimmer of newfound love, Bogan leads this opening visual in by showcasing his softer side. The snap-led production of this record not only sets up a smooth introduction for listeners but also successfully creates an airy atmosphere for Bogan to still deliver from a storyteller perspective. Despite the delicate nature of this visual and its accompanying production and lyricism, Bogan still manages to illustrate his skills as a rapper even when the tempo is on the slower side. As softly as “Jolly” is introduced, the guitar lead strumming of the proceeding visual for “No Peace” is a stark contrast to the bright opener. Where the first visual revels in bright colors and soft textures, the second visual’s embodiment of the next single is a dark and monochromatic smack-to-the-face. Every bit of edge used to deliver each verse of this record is brought to life through the use of subliminal images that help convey the pointed sensibilities of not only Myke Bogan’s personality but artistry as well. The rising rapper said the below about his newest visual release,

“I am the prime example of someone that has two sides to them and I wanted to display that with this visual. ‘Jolly’ stems from the vibe you catch in the first six months of meeting a new freak you know is special. It’s the feeling you get when you start to open up and begin getting comfortable and feeling secure with the situation…until you don’t! ‘No Peace’ is what I’ve always been about since the day I started making music. Never being afraid of anything and never conforming to the norms of society. I will continue to go against the grain, I will continue to do whatever the fuck I want, I will continue to always be myself.”

Check out the double feature video release of “Jolly” and “No Peace” by Myke Bogan below and make sure to show him your support by following him on Twitter and Instagram.