Cholla – [Jerry Paper]

It doesn’t quite feel like summer, but it is getting to be that time, and now more than ever we need feel-good summer tracks to keep our spirits up. Luckily, Jerry Paper just recently dropped the video for “Cholla” off his brand new album Abracadabra.

You may remember Jerry Paper from his contribution to Tyler, the Creator’s Grinch Inspired EP from late 2018. His deep and charismatic vocals stand out right away and bring a unique and likable characteristic to his tracks, and this stays true here.

“Cholla” is a lot of fun. The guitar riffs are playful, the bouncy bass lines are infectious, and the keyboard melodies create a strong foundation that guides the track along. Jerry’s vocals pair nicely with the light instrumental and he comes through with a catchy refrain that ensures this track will stay in rotation all summer long.

The visuals here are strange to say the least, with very surreal animations that I can’t quite put into words. Mr. Paper’s face fills up a square screen in multiple different forms throughout the entirety of the video, twisting and turning along with the animations. Check out the otherworldly visuals for this track down below, and give the rest of Abracadabra a listen here!

Directed by Steve Smith