Jay-Z Freestyle – [Lil Gray]

DMV sensation Lil Gray is back with another new single this week, this time with a new Sparkheem produced track entitled “Jay-Z Freestyle” which is a very fast-paced and bass-thumping track where Gray both flexes his lyrical muscles all throughout and also flashes his incredible degree of vocal dexterity that allows him to pull countless different and always unique flows out of thin-air like its nothing and that quality alone is the main reason why the Maryland native is one of the very most exciting young talents in all of the rap industry right now. From the most avant-garde of the DMV production style to new poppier tracks like his other recent single “Uhaul” where he crosses over to a more alternative sound with ease. It would be a huge mistake to not be paying great attention to Lil Gray right now and there is little doubt in my mind that he will be one of the biggest artists to rise out of the DMV’s talent-laden scene.