LL intern
LL intern
26 Nov 2019

Valee is without a doubt one of my favorite rappers not only from Chicago, but just in general. His uncharacteristic flows, unenthusiastically entertaining tone of voice, and simple yet well thought out lyrics have drawn me to his music ever since I was put on to it.

He’s back again with another offering thankfully, this time in the form of a music video for his song “Jay Leno”. Although the track is only about a minute and a half long, it packs a punch for sure. Valee takes some exotic cars to what looks like an underdeveloped part of the city, where he bounces around, smoking and nonchalantly reciting his verse for the camera. Considering the enormous car collection Jay Leno has, the title definitely fits the video and some of the references within his lyrics as well. This visual is such a metaphor for his music in my opinion. This is considering the environment he’s physically in is nothing very special, but he brings the cars and makes himself stand out amongst others. This is in comparison to his music where he might not have too much enthusiasm or flash within his voice to a casual music listener, but the humble flexing and unique flows he invents are able to propel him into his own lane within the music industry.

Don’t miss out on Valee’s latest music video for “Jay Leno” below.

Words by Danny Adams