Lucas Garrison
Lucas Garrison
27 Dec 2019

There’s a common understanding that the music industry basically shuts down from late December to early January.  Dropping anything in that time frame is basically pointless; unless you are an artist so big, it doesn’t matter when you drop.

Travis Scott, and the rest of his Cactus Jack labelmates definitely qualify.

Entirely out of the blue, Scott, and the rest of his Cactus Jack labelmates came together to give us a late Christmas gift in the form of a compilation album entitled JACKBOYS.

A 7 song, 21-minute long album, JACKBOYS, gets in, gets out, and more than serves its purpose with a flurry of easily digested, high-energy bangers that feature some insanely interesting collaborations that include the likes of Young Thug, Rosalía, and Don Toliver. The last of which, Don Toliver, dominates the entire project, steals the show, and emerges as an artist primed to takeover 2020.  Loaded with some stellar, intoxicating tracks, JACKBOYS is the perfect way to cap off 2019.

Standout tracks: “Had Enough,” “Out West,” “What To Do?”