Baby Gravy is back! The duo that got their start trading intricate witty bars back and forth has never taken a break from putting out their weird brand of music together. With the release of this latest single “iunno” the pair announced this would be the lead single to their upcoming collab project Baby Gravy 2. This may come as a surprise as we are only weeks away from the release of bbno$’s wild album i don’t care at all and if anything it seems that album title is perfectly accurate for the way bbno$ drops his music.

What makes Gravy and bbno$ such a great pair is their chemistry every time they record together. The two started working on music long before either of them ever saw fame, now that they both have certified hits on their own it will be interesting to see the type of heat they will create now that each of them has leveled up. The production on this one is provided by Lentra, who always seems to create the perfect triumphant sounding beats for Yung Gravy and bbno$ to go absolutely crazy on. It looks like we’ll be getting Baby Gravy 2 this holiday season so keep your eyes out for an extra present from one of rap’s most exciting and weird duos out.

Stream “iunno” on all platforms here!