It’s Only Up From Here – [DWLLRS]

The duo known as DWLLRS have released their accompanying new music video for their incredibly hopeful and uplifting recently released single, “It’s Only Up From Here.” Staying true to the group’s brand of smile-inducing pop, DWLLRS newly released video captures Bren Eissman and Joey Spurgeon reveling spurts of joy and unyielding optimism.

Where some of the group’s earlier video releases created a more narrative-driven storyline, the new music video for “It’s Only Up From Here” captures the undeniable electricity that resonates from the Santa Clemente artists. Shots of the duo bouncing back and forth amongst each other not only successful personify this group’s kinetic energy but also illustrates the overall narrative of the song; “it’s only up from here.” DWLLRS new video undoubtedly solidifies this group’s clear and present moment with a song that we can all get behind.

Watch the video for “It’s Only Up From Here” by DWLLRS below.