New to our pages today, LA based artist XAYLA is one that everyone needs to know about. As many young artists do nowadays, XAYLA writes, produces, and records everything herself. From just the first listen, there was something different about XAYLA and the emotions that run through each of her songs. In particular, XAYLA’s most recent release titled “It’s Okay” gives light to just how much passion and pain she was feeling during a very specific time period in her life. Over a moody, light-hearted production, the young star lays down crushing lyrics with heavy passion and a sense of denial.

When I asked what the inspiration behind the song was, the answer came easy; “I traveled to see my girlfriend and when I left, my mental health was terrible. I was trying to push it away and deny it because my love for her was so strong.” XAYLA then added something that most young lovers can relate to, “I didn’t want to take a break, so I hid it.” With a few singles and an EP out for the world to hear, I’m certain that it’s only a matter of time before XAYLA covers every festival poster in the world. Be sure to stream “It’s Okay” below and follow XAYLA on Instagram for more!