It’s Not Much, but It’s Mine – [Jiles]

There is a lot more that comes with being a rapper than just simply having the skill to rhyme. The exceptional standout’s deliver a combination of storytelling, individuality, as well as technical skill. An exciting and promising new name to place in this category is Jiles. The Brockton, Massachusetts rapper composes gritty verses with a concrete-toughness that is felt through his choice in production as well as through his storytelling ability.

His new five-track EP, It’s Not Much, but It’s Mine, may only run a total of ten minutes, but its content and delivery make the showcasing seem much more lengthy. Jiles creates this world through his inspiring rapping ability, articulation, and emotive performance that transports listeners into the real-world situations the Massachusetts rapper depicts. Two of my favorite and absolute standout tracks, “Stones” featuring Big Super, and “Alibi,” are made up of heavy production and Jiles’ incredibly menacing voice that adds extra weight to every syllable he raps. Although the aforementioned-songs are my personal favorite, Jiles’ ear for darker beats completely texturizes the project making every track a clinical exhibition on his ability to deliver raw testaments of his life and upbringing. 

Listen to It’s Not Much, but It’s Mine EP by Jiles below.