It’s Depression – [Anna Shoemaker] x [Middle Part]

Brooklyn, New York based artist Anna Shoemaker makes her well-deserved Lyrical Lemonade debut with her new song “It’s Depression.” I recently got into Shoemaker’s music by peeping her Everything Is Embarrassing EP, which was an incredible listen from start to finish. My favorite record of hers at the moment is “I Need Ya,” but truth be told there’s plenty of variety for listeners to choose from. Other brilliant songs in her discography, such as “Silver Cowboy Boots” contains plenty of personality and emotional content which provides insight into the perspective of Anna’s worldview. Featuring Middle Part, “It’s Depression” is a unique indie-rock anthem veiled under a despondent mental health lens. Shoemaker self-diagnoses her depressive state while detailing heartbreak; the lyrics from the chorus “tell me that you want me back” represent the improbable yet hopeful wish for her former relationship to be restored. Sonically the drum-led percussion and guitar instrumentation creates an upbeat anthem for Anna to somberly sing over, which Middle Part mirrors for a brief moment before the hook resumes. Not only is the song addictive, but it’s relatable lyricism fantastically highlights not only the tremendous burden of depression, but also the occasional agony of love. Listen to “It’s Depression” by Anna Shoemaker, featuring Middle Part via the official music video below!