It’s Complicated – [Cam I Am]

Whether you’re a listener, an artist, or have anything else to do with music, it’s an art that always comes with a journey. It’s a journey that I find fascinating because it always leads somewhere that you might not expect, but you can learn so much about yourself and others if you really take it seriously and pay attention to the details. When Cam I Am first got into the industry, it was a bit to my surprise after he had a promising career in the NFL. Unfortunately, a few injuries prevented him from continuing to thrive in this endeavor, but the mindset and determination that he has always had helped him realize that it wasn’t the only gift he was given.

To rewind a bit, I have been familiar with Cam for quite some time. Although he is a few years older, he actually went to the same high school as me, played football on the same team that my dad was a coach for, and he was always someone who people looked up to as a role model. He just had all the qualities you’d look for in a leader, so whether he was on the field or off, you knew he was going to do something special. I feel like this has continued to snowball as life went on, because even when football became a picture in his rearview mirror, he used his intellectual disposition to his advantage, making a splash in music that I have been captivated by since I first heard one of his songs years ago.

While he isn’t one to release records all the time, I feel like it makes his music even more special because each new track is even more of a spectacle, and his latest drop “It’s Complicated” is certainly no exception. The song itself is wistful, poignant, and thought-provoking, leaving a mysterious and reflective taste in your mouth long after it culminates. There really aren’t a ton of extensive lyrics or flows, but the overall delivery of his narrative had my mind racing and my attention fully piqued. The Megell Street Visuals and Black Cactus Visuals-directed music video is what really drove these feelings home for me, though.

It opens with Cam sitting in the middle of a couch as a therapy session begins. The therapist asks him a few questions, and as his feet flinch and he plays with the rings on his fingers, there is clearly a lot on his mind. As the questions continue, he starts to get more worked up trying to make excuses as to why he’s fine, but the psychiatrist calls him out, telling Cam that they’ve had more than enough sessions with one another and she can tell when he’s lying. His response is the name of the song, simply expressing that the situation is complicated. After encouraging him to take a pill, he pops it in his mouth and immediately gets transported to another world.

As he floats in this vibrant, indecipherable universe, he seems to reflect on so many different moments throughout his life. While it’s clear that some of these reflections are hard to deal with and very stressful, it’s hard to tell what the overall outcome is due to the fact that the credits begin to roll at the end as Cam continues to fall deeper into this rabbit hole of thoughts and emotions before being awoken from this pill-induced trance once and for all.

I feel as if this visual acts as more of a short film than an actual music video, but it’s a refreshing and creative change of pace from what fans might be used to experiencing from musicians at this point in time. Clearly, Cam I Am is on another wavelength in terms of innovation and imagination, so although I’m not sure when we can expect more music or visuals from the Chicago-born and raised emcee, “It’s Complicated” has me eagerly waiting on the edge of my seat for more content that’s as powerful and stimulating as this offering turned out to be!