It Was Nice to See You – [Brevin Kim]

Friday is one of the best days of the week, but I feel this way for a much different reason than most. The majority of people just love that it’s the start of the weekend, they can kick back, have a drink, and relax. For me, the work just gets started, but I love this because Friday is the day when most of the new music that week drops, so I log in to my email and find my inbox flooded with tons of new records, videos, and projects. At first, it’s overwhelming, but after weeding out the releases that pertain to my personal interest, I have an all-out blast tapping in with these releases.

One of the best parts, though, is when I’m sent something from a trusted source that is by musicians that I’m not familiar with, and that happened today in the form of Brevin Kim’s latest hit “It Was Nice to See You”. The California-by-way-of-Massachusetts duo has been making some major moves in the past year or two, but considering I’m just now getting acquainted, I am certainly excited to listen to more of their music. This record is produced by the pair as well as Andy Seltzer and Johan Lenox, utilizing distant electric guitar chords that clash with more prominent, in-your-face strings that add this sort of chaos to a much more composed piece of music.

In turn, the tag team shares some very personal, revealing, and not-so-easily discussed subjects that pull at your heartstrings. Due to their genuine honesty and sincerity, I feel like they gave listeners a piece of themselves because even though there’s no way that the topics of anxiety, self-criticism, or internal strife are easy to mention, sharing these thoughts in a song for millions of fans certainly has to make the task even more difficult to divulge.

For that, I give them credit, but for the fact that they do so in such a poised, angelic fashion, I give them all the praise I can muster up. The duo of Cal and Bren certainly made another fan today, and as long as they continue on the path that they’re on, as I’m sure they will be able to, they’re going to see a lot more success than they ever could have imagined prior to getting into this industry in the first place.