It Was Good Until It Wasn’t – [Kehlani]

It’s nothing but amazing when artists really take the time out to perfect their craft and figure themselves out, to the point where they are happy with the product that they are putting out. You can make countless music day in and day out, but it takes time to really hone in and figure out what direction you would like to go in for a certain project, or for the remainder of your career. While Kehlani has always been an artist to deliver music that comes from deep within her soul, she has been tremendously underrated since her initial burst onto the scene with her Cloud 19 mixtape. It often blows my mind that we had not received a full length album from Kehlani since her 2017 album SweetSexySavage. While we have heard a handful of mixtapes and features from her during that time frame, fans were eagerly awaiting her next full body of work. At last, our eardrums are finally being soothed with amazing sounds from her latest offering It Was Good Until It Wasn’t.

Kehlani first emerged onto the scene at a younger age, so the direction of her earlier music was a lot more pop-ish and aimed towards a younger demographic-which is to be expected. Nonetheless, we have seen her gradually progress into her womanhood and get a closer glimpse of who Kehlani truly is inside. On this album, Kehlani is beginning to be more expressive with everything she is capable of expressing. Whether that be her love life, her sex life, and everything in between. As she just turned 25, and recently was welcomed to motherhood, her music has been tuned more for a more mature audience this time around. While her fans may have been young when they first heard of her, they are all growing up as she is, therefore making her music resonate with the fans as well while they are transitioning from a teen to adulthood.

On “Can I”, Kehlani links up with Tory Lanez over smooth instrumentation and a chill guitar sample to trade verses about the desire to pull up on their significant other. All throughout the album, Kehlani slowly diminishes the pop sound from her earlier moments in her career and trades them for soothing and sensual R&B sounds. Another long awaited feature fans were eagerly awaiting on was “Change Your Life” with another R&B queen Jhene Aiko. The two sing about their desires of existing in their love interests life to showcase the many ways they can change their life and make them fall in love with every aspect of them. “F&MU” which stands for Fuck and Makeup is another song where Kehlani really dives into owning her sexual desires and giving fans a glimpse into her life. On “Grieving”, Kehlani recruits James Blake and speaks about a relationship of hers that has gone astray and the matters in which she tried to keep the love alive. “The option was to stay and ride, or let it die” she sings, speaking on the complications that many go through when their relationship might be at stake, and you have to make that decision to repair it or let it go.

All in all, this is an amazing body of work that Kehlani has given us, as she is taking her career in a different direction this time around. While it may not be easy for artists to be this open and transparent with their fans through their music, Kehlani makes it seem effortless to do so, and I am looking forward to hearing more of this sound from her as she continues to flourish-not only in life, but as an artist.

Stream It Was Good Until It Wasn’t below!