Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…or in this case, title.
You might see the name of this Lyrical Lemonade newcomer, Wiley From Atlanta, and be expecting a certain type of trap, but Wiley breaks the mold with a super unique style which, in a certain way, embodies the unconventional, creative spirit of Atlanta. He’s not what you might expect, and displaying this today, Wiley is here on our pages with one of my favorite discoveries of 2018, “It Rains” — an effort that encapsulates why I hopped on the bandwagon when I first came across his music in the first place
What always jumps out to me is Wiley’s emotion and authenticity. Here, he pours (pun intended) over the end of a relationship, bringing to life his personal, emotional songwriting with raspy vocals that give off a truly genuine feel. Joining Wiley is fellow ATL-native, Kenny Mason, whose auto-tune twinged vocals fit incredibly well with the cascading, electronic-inspired beat from DvDx, and resulting from this collaboration, we receive a solid offering that I would certainly recommend our listeners check out.
No word on if this is part of anything larger, but if you need more, I highly suggest Wiley’s “Pink Skies” to get your fix.