If I was a rapper and I needed to hire a ghostwriter, I would throw a huge sack of money at L.A. Salami. He may not be what you think of when it comes to a ghostwriter, in fact, he doesn’t rap at all, but Salami is one of my favorite songwriters around. The way he creates compelling stories and describes things so vividly and uniquely all without ever losing a sort of natural poetic feel is incredible.

Often times it’s just him and his guitar, which can sometimes feel more like poetry than music, so I always enjoy when we get full-fledged, denser songs from Salami, like “It Is What It Is,” off his new EP, Self Portraits In Sound. The standout track boasts Salami’s sharp pen but when it’s supported by a grungy, no-frills instrumental, his words carry that much more weight. An added bonus, the cut comes with a video that does a great job of highlighting his lyricism.