it gets better – [KAMI]

Savemoney affiliate KAMI is an artist that I have been a big fan of for some years now, and 2022 is going to prove to be pivotal for him, so he kicked the year off with a loosie titled “it gets better”. We’ve grown to know KAMI as someone who can create ear-pleasing melodies with ease, oftentimes leaving us in awe with just how smooth he is with it, but this joint takes a different approach. This song finds KAMI taking more of an introspective route, speaking on fallen friends and his past addiction, and I enjoyed this vulnerable side of his music. Steam this brand new record below via Soundcloud, and if you’re a fan of KAMI go ahead and subscribe to The Lemonade Stand channel on Youtube. We have an interview coming very soon with KAMI and you don’t want to miss it!