I’s On Him-[Jay Violet]

If you want a wavy and vibey song to jam out to this week, then I’ve got the perfect joint for you. Today, an artist named Jay Violet is making his debut appearance on Lyrical Lemonade for his phenomenal song called, “I’s On Him”.  As someone who is vocal about their faith, I’m always looking for great sounding Christian music and I’m so hype to be able to write about a song that perfectly fits that mold.

As soon as you press play on this song, you will immediately notice the dynamic production, which truly sets the stage for Jay Violet to pour his heart and soul out on the beat in a real and authentic way. According to Jay himself, this song is doing numbers on Spotify with no signs of slowing down; This seems to be a testament to hoe good this offering is in its entirety. This track is just an all around good time and it connects on all angles.

I really enjoyed this piece by Jay Violet and I’m hype to hear more from him. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so tap in with this one and let us know if you’re vibing.