Between Hearts & Darts, The Sound of Bad Habit, songwriting credits on the Black Panther soundtrack, a Shia LaBeouf-directed music video, and countless other wins, 2018 was a hell of a year for Baby Keem. Nobody does it quite like this young up-and-comer, and the self-assured, confident stature of his music won’t just tell you so — it will convince you so. That said, here today with the latest step toward his inevitable takeover, Keem is here on Lyrical Lemonade to bless us with a brand new single, “Invented It.”

In my eyes, a central reason why Baby Keem’s music works is because of its thoughtful balance between raw, almost rebellious deliveries and melodic vocal runs. All throughout “Invented It,” Keem seemingly uses these bellowing melodies as a grappling hook to the lyrics, and resulting is a song that feels just as comfortable being played as a hype-up song as it does being thrown on repeat at a party.

Also notable with this song, as if his intoxicating energy wasn’t enough, Baby Keem’s enticing songwriting has become a central part of his style. Naturally, it’s a fantastic sight to see this development creep into each successive release, and further, it leaves me in awe of the endless ceilings that Keem will certainly reach in the years to come.

I can’t wait to see what’s next from one of the game’s most exciting young talents, so join me in throwing “Invented It” on replay as we await more from the soon-to-be star, himself!