Nowadays, listeners are having more and more conversations about the length of projects in the streaming era. Sure more songs equates to more opportunity for streaming revenue, but this model is terribly shortsighted. The projects that last aren’t always those that perform the best in first-week streams, and furthermore, they’re rarely the longest in runtime. $ean Wire seems to have this aspect of his music down to a science. If you treat every moment like it matters, listeners will respond, and consequently, are much more likely to come back. Accordingly so, the Boston-bred talent is here to document an entire chapter of his life into the concise, never-dull new album, Internal Dialect.

12 songs and just under 40 minutes in length, Internal Dialect is concise as can be without ever taking shortcuts. Each song presents a different corner of Wire’s diverse emotional palette, and yet, he never seems to waste a moment’s time drudging on. Rather, the project continually builds, and finds an optimal balance between decadent sonics and meaningful thematics. Because while $ean Wire knows how to make great individual records, he’s at his best when he bundles these records in such a cohesive way, indicative of the overwhelming honesty in his art. Resulting from such, Internal Dialect may be an introductory point for a lot of new fans, but by the end of the project, Wire’s infectious base of artistry is loud and clear.

It may be too early in the year to tell, but I have a strong hunch that Internal Dialect will stick around in my heavy rotation for quite some time. In all honesty, this is one of the most enjoyable first listens I’ve had in quite some time, so don’t sleep on this one; stream $ean Wire’s latest below!