Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of premiering the debut mixtape from Dial Up. The fresh-faced Chicago-based collective brought a barrage of sounds that stuck and introduced a roster of rappers, singers, producers, and everything in between. Jemal Four, who had multiple highlights throughout the tape, will be the first of the gang to drop a solo project, and he’s released a lead single in anticipation today.

On “Infatuation”, Jemal gives listeners a quintessential introduction to what he’s working with. Over pulsating synth stabs retro-fitted with booming 808s, he sounds right at home over the production and uses it as an opportunity to flex. His bravado-packed bars get delivered breezily as he dismisses a past love, trying to not get too in his feelings. The video, shot by Dial Up’s in-house director Link Wolfe, reimagines the prom night you never had with a whole lot of stunting involved. With his self-produced album ‘Honestly Not Really’ dropping later this month, “Infatuation” gives a promising preview of what’s to come from Jemal Four.