in orbit-[Rayan]

If you need a quick dose of serotonin, then look no further than rayan’s latest offering called, “in orbit”. I’ve been familiar with Rayan for some time now, but the song that’s making it onto our page today truly left an impression on me that I can’t quite shake. I’ve been frantically searching for some feel good music as of late and I’m so happy I came across this one today.

It’s quite hard to explain the feeling I get when listening to this one but I’ll try. “in orbit” by Rayan literally feels like I’m in orbit. From the moment I turned this one on, it felt like I was slowly floating towards outer space with no intention of coming down. The bubbly production truly sets the tone for Rayan to float over top of the beat which makes for such a light and transcendent listening experience. This song is on the shorter side, but I really think this works out since that just means higher replay value. I get physically sad when it ends and I know you all will too after listening too.

“in orbit” is such a fun offering and I can’t wait for ya’ll to listen. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so check it out asap!