Chuck Ramos
Chuck Ramos
10 Oct 2019

Jermisdope is proving that it doesn’t take a million-dollar budget to create something memorable and impactful. The Detroit based artist recently shared his five-track EP, Jermtown Beach, in early August of this year. To no surprise, the release of the new body of work is accompanied by his new music video for the project’s introductory record, “in a seashell.”

The bright orchestration of this record’s production launches us into the home movie-style of this visual. Spellbound by the video’s love interest, Jermisdope becomes caught in an endless reoccurring loop with the woman of his dreams. The stolen glances between the two throughout the video brings to life the subject matter of the song. Comprised of bouncy production and longing lyricism, Jermisdope concocts a ballad of passing love that I think we can all resonate with on some level. This relate-ability not only garners immense replay value of the record but of the equally powerful video as well. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Jermisdope about his latest video where he explained a little more about the direction, meaning and overall goal in its release, he said the below,

“This song is about a woman that I was in love with but never knew if she loved me back for real or if she ever wanted me but it never mattered because she always had a boyfriend. In the video, I kinda brought that same story to life but left out the boyfriend part and made it a little more open ended. Basically with songs and videos like this I try to recreate that warm feeling I get from watching my favorite rom-com.” 

Watch Jermisdope’s new video for “in a seashell” below and make sure to show him your support by following him on Twitter and Instagram.