Internet Money’s Dro Kenji has been absolutely killing it recently, but it doesn’t take me to say that for everyone to understand that. What I can now say is after seeing his performance at the Summer Smash this past weekend is that he’s one of the best performers I’ve seen in recent memory, and he had the entire crowd going crazy from the front to the back on both sides of Lenny’s tent stage. His recently released project Fuck Your Feelings is nothing short of a heater without a doubt in my mind, and I was beyond excited to see that he teamed up with Wavy Lord to direct a brand-new music video for his record “IM RICH NOW BITCH”, the album’s opening track.

Although it hasn’t even been a week since he released the animated visual for his song “KILL CUPID” with $NOT, I can never have too many Dro Kenji visuals in my life, so I was definitely pumped for this one. After watching, let’s just say that there is no shortage of beautiful women in this one, and Dro spends his time wisely as he vibes out and recites his lyrics. Sitting on a playset in a backyard, he spits his bars while the girls dance around, sometimes playing with a water gun and enjoying the beautiful day. In other moments, Dro does things on his own as he shows off his head-to-toe Bape outfit that accents his colorful dreadlocks perfectly.

Aside from these parts, there is a variety of homemade, lo-fi scenes, some of which are presented in night vision, adding a bit of dexterity to the otherwise simplistic and straightforward visual. Especially after seeing him perform, I can say with the utmost confidence that Dro Kenji is a star with so much room to continue to grow, so I’m going to be here cheering him on for the long haul as he continues to grow. With that being said, make sure you don’t miss out on the brand-new music video for his amazing record “IM RICH NOW BITCH”.