I’m Not Calling You Yeroc 2 – [Yeroc]

Making his debut in the Lyrical Lemonade debut today is Dallas, TX artist Yeroc who just unloaded a new project titled I’m Not Calling You Yeroc 2 where he floats and skates over a variety of instrumental styles, all of which are uniform in terms of raucous percussion but each provides a different atmosphere for Yeroc to slide over the beat. His flows are varied and fit well on each instrumental style and his lyrical abilities are very impressive to me, from his clever punchlines to his more self-aware rhymes about his pain, relationships, and music career. Yeroc is certainly beginning to help lead a new renaissance of Texas artists who are more artistically well rounded than many of their more popular mainstream counterparts and are collectively pushing to build a new reputation for their city’s scene as well as forging a new sound that helps their area be more easily sonically recognizable. Keaton Jones helped handled Yeroc with the creative direction of this project, crafting the visual content and providing input on the flow of the project, including the frequently looped short vocal interludes that help create an exact theme for this collection of songs, and this was also bolstered by Corazon, the tape’s executive producer. The project is longer than most projects out of the underground lately at seventeen tracks, recruiting three distinct features, grabbing Matt Ox, Big Legend, and BigBabyGucci who all complement Yeroc well, as well as help affirm his versatility. This project was very enjoyable to me and I am sincerely looking forward to hearing more music from Yeroc soon, as well as seen these visuals brought to life with some videos.