I’m Fresh – [Thaiboy Digital]

Underground music has always been much more progressive and boundary-pushing than anything in the mainstream has ever been or even claimed to be, and that has remained true for years and years. I mean, the underground scene in the United States has always brought some of my all-time favorite artists to my attention in some of the most unexpected ways, but when it comes to the artists overseas in certain countries, I think they take creativity to a whole other level.

The grime scene in England is definitely super captivating for me, but I think out of every place in Europe, the artists who came up in Sweden have been more influential than anyone else for me personally. I mean, Yung Lean is truly a trailblazer and an innovator, and Drain Gang has put out some of the wildest and most entertaining music in the history of hip-hop, in my opinion, so whenever someone from this European country drops music, I am surely going to listen.

Drain Gang standout Thaiboy Digital is definitely as worldly as most artists come, and his latest Whitearmor-produced track “I’m Fresh” proves that tenfold, especially with the accompanying music video shot by Gus Reichwald. The song is full of personality, enthralling deliveries, and inventive vocals, but I absolutely love the videos that artists like Thaiboy put out into the world.

I just love the lo-fi cinematography that comes with some interesting and almost off-putting characters that can be incorporated, and while there is never really a huge budget or major production value used in their flicks, they almost always seem to make the most out of their resources for visuals that I could watch on repeat for weeks. “I’m Fresh” is no exception whatsoever, which is why you need to give it a view as soon as possible as you catch up with the Thailand-born underground icon Thaiboy Digital.