im down if ur down-[Sammy Curcuru]

Last night, I spent a while digging through music, trying to find something that peaked my interest. Although most of these nights are usually dead ends, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble on an offering that I can’t get enough of. Before today, I had no idea who Sammy Curcuru was, but after listening to his latest track, I’m definitely an intrigued fan now.

There’s just good music out there and if you take the time to seek it out, it’s really a beautiful thing. That’s exactly the case when it comes to Sammy Curcuru and his song, “im down if ur down”. From the moment I pressed play on this one, I was immediately hooked by its upbeat nature and colorful production. I’m a sucker for an opening guitar melody and this offering utilized it to perfection. This is a great track that’s carried by Sammy’s talent and innate confidence when it comes to his vocal tone. It just sounds like he’s meant to do this and “im down if ur down” is perfect evidence.

This joint will be stuck in your head after first listen, so be prepared to have this in your rotation all weekend long. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this a listen at your earliest convenience!