Brockhampton have come along way since the ‘Saturation’ era and filming music videos of themselves in their notorious South L.A. home. However, while the group may now have greater resources to produce their art, their latest video proves the boyband’s aesthetics have stayed consistent.

“If You Pray Right” is the second single off the group’s forthcoming record ‘Ginger’, and it embodies a similarly sparse, back-to-basics approach as their previous single, “I Been Born Again”. The beat is composed of little more than a trombone and some eerie synths scattered throughout, but it’s a minimal sonic playground that proves to be just enough for each member to contribute a solid verse. Dom McClennon, arguably the most technical and lyrical rapper of the group, kicks off the track and ultimately takes the spotlight—a welcomed change of pace that ends up working really well for this particular song.

The video itself screams Brockhampton, complete with their iconic long take cinematography, blue faces, and even a teaser for another song at the end. The dizzying camerawork keeps the video interesting despite it only being one continuous shot, and each member’s verse brings different energy both musically and visually. Although they may have bigger budgets to work with, Brockhampton is able to evolve while still staying true to the things that made loyal fans fall in love in the first place.

Watch the video for “If You Pray Right” below: