If You Go – [Eem Triplin]

If you’re somehow not hip to Eem Triplin at this point in time, you must be either living under a rock or not tapped in with the hottest up-and-comers that are making a case as to why they mean serious business. Way back in 2014, Eem got his career off to a start by downloading FL Studio, but things didn’t really get going until about a year later when he started uploading his beats to YouTube.

The journey has been long but also fruitful as he began to form a close friendship and work relationship with $NOT, becoming one of his go-to producers for some of his biggest hits to date, but Eem seems to be the type of talent who never wants to box himself in or confine himself to a singular lane in the music industry. A few years after getting his production footing, he began to rap over his own beats, showcasing a talent that he clearly has on lock as well, and after grinding for years to reach a larger audience, he finally began to see some glowing feedback from his cult following.

It also helps that he went viral on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, but after you tune in, you should immediately recognize why he has been buzzing so much in the world of music. A few months back, Eem dropped his song “If You Go”, a remarkably bubbly yet unique offering that just received a visual treatment courtesy of director Keaton Jones, and this one matches the song’s aesthetic immaculately. We are taken to a world that is pulsating with vibrance and color as shades of pink, blue, and other pastels decorate his environment.

Somehow, even with his relaxed and unphased demeanor, Eem stands out more than any of his surroundings as he seems to be stuck in a relationship with someone who doesn’t appreciate him, but he appears to struggle with the idea of them leaving. All in all, this video lives up to every expectation I ever had after witnessing the magic he has delivered in other music videos, so make sure you tap in with this one immediately considering it has already been out for a few days!