The state of pop music in our current times is currently being infused with a number of different influences that have done nothing else but primarily added an unfounded emotional and emphatic weight to a historically hollow genre all things considered. These influences mostly stem from alternative genres with more sentimental values to them, and this has conclusively resulted in a merging of the two styles into the landscape we see today.

Perhaps there is no better example of this notion painted ever-so-vividly than with one of pop music’s most prolific rising acts in Yurms — who has just come through with arguably one of their most shining singles yet in “IDONTWANNASEEYOURFACE.”

Nearly every aspect that gives Yurms the title he’s earned at this point are on full display with this new cut, and they all route back to that supremely vivid alternative take on what pop music represents today. These facets range from Yurms’s emotionally-charged and even poetic lyrics and thematic tone to his vocal delivery that is just as gripping as it as impressive — all surrounding a hook that combines all of these things into a singular memorable moment of a passage.

The production on the track – provided by the NoHeart collectives very own Delto – ideally matches everything that Yurms lays down on the mic to an absolute tee, with its bursting synths and resounding melodies perfectly setting the scene for the track from a thematic standpoint.

And everything is topped off by yet another remarkable feature from Dolly — who time after time has proven to elevate each and every track they are featured on. This track follows suit with her verse acting as the perfect conclusion to a track dictated by emotional weight and stunning imagery from a sonic standpoint. 

With track after track just adding to the remarkable resume that Yurms has already built up to this point, offerings like this only just make it that much more clear that he’s earned the spot he is currently in. In a constantly changing landscape, its earliest adopters are found at the forefront, and that is exactly where Yurms stands right now.