ICFWT – [seeyousoon]

The nine-piece Florida collective seeyousoon came into the music space with an incredible introduction back in February. Their debut single, “Steamy,” gained immediate buzz as it’s energy-laced foundation showcased a group who was clearly onto something. Although this is just the beginning of their journey, seeyousoon shows flashes of a group that you will want to keep an eye on as they continue to release music that adds another element to their growing identity and ability.

Although seeyousoon’s first release relied on energy invoking drums and crisp rap delivery, the group’s most recent release, “ICFWT,” illustrates a new style that is closer to R&B. The hybrid style, which still incorporates the lyrical chops of the rapping members, is a euphoric balance that hints at the group’s ability to diversify their sound. Built atop of defiant drums and engulfing bass lines, seeyousoon creates an enticing record that widely broadens the dynamic ability previously shown on their debut release. There is no denying the talent that resides in each member of the Sunshine State collective and it appears that each release will continue to introduce us to the individual talents that make this group so complimentary.

Listen to “ICFWT” by seeyousoon below.