Its hardly a secret that Atlanta’s next generation of artists has an almost obscene level of talent across almost every conceivable niche of rap, r&b, and pop and perhaps my favorite new rapper to begin to emerge is Baby Plug, and recently he unveiled his latest EP, Icey Baby, since his 2019 mixtape release Let Me Pop My Shxt. Icey Baby was produced South Carolina’s Yung Icey who is steadily building a number of credits from several artists who are poised to make the leap to mainstream relevancy in the next year, so don’t be surprised if you hear “Icey, I’m so sick of you,” tagged on some major records in the near future. Baby Plug stands out first and foremost for his undeniable vocal ability and has already garnered a number of impressive comparisons off of the strength of his natural talent alone. He is perfectly assured of himself and forces nothing while maintaining a distinct charisma that is earning him the respect of his peers and the older generation alike. The project has only one feature on “Pop It Off” coming from Atlanta OG Lil Scrappy and he falls perfectly on the track alongside Baby Plug. I am really, really excited to see the continued development of Baby Plug and there is very little doubt in my mind that he is next up from Atlanta.