i will wait – [Prentiss]

My brother has always been someone who is on the cutting edge of the hottest, most promising young artists, so I honestly have him to thank for so many of the people I listen to today. When he would tell me about some early teenage rapper that is getting major attention and deserves a listen, I used to find it a bit strange and I would typically dismiss his suggestions on that front, but I have realized that closed me off to so many incredible innovators in the world of hip-hop and rap music.

Since opening my mind for the last year or so, I found out about Prentiss, a 14-year-old Jackson, Mississippi native who has been taking the music world by storm, and I understand exactly why when listening to any of his records. After tuning in, it makes sense why he signed to Cinematic Music Group and has gotten nods from superstars like Justin Bieber and Meghan Trainer, as well as the fact that he’s being embraced in all different types of subgenres of music.

Simply put, he’s such a talented artist no matter his age, and his latest song “i will wait” is yet another reason why he’s someone you need on your radar if you consider yourself a fan of music in general. Opening with a touching guitar-driven melody that is met with up-tempo percussive elements and a drumline that gets your heart racing, Prentiss brings the heat with his energetic personality and charisma.

While he has done some slower, more melodic tracks, this one is so important in my eyes because he’s just having fun, going whichever way the wind takes him, and his nonchalant, joyous disposition is as addictive as his skills are impressive. At such a young age, it seems like things are only going to continue to skyrocket for the juvenile crooner, and I couldn’t be more excited for his future in this industry. While we wait and see what other moves he makes before the year closes out, “i will wait” is the catchy new song from Prentiss that you need in your life sooner rather than later.