I Was Drunk – [Nodis]

Sidon Farris, known better by his artist name Nodis, is making his debut in our pages today fresh out of the rapidly growing Virginia rap scene, coming to us with his emotional and painstakingly honest new single “I Was Drunk.” He has been steadily building a following for over three years now, endearing himself to new fans through his honesty and charisma, and recently has revolutionized his thinking and approach to developing his brand and sound, saying “I used to be the artist who tried to be “too cool”, posting vintage-style photos, always making sure I looked good, but no one looks good all the time. I like to show my ugly side, too, both physically and personality-wise. When I create content, I’m not doing it to go viral; I’m just being myself, and if it happens to go viral, then that’s beautiful.” Nodis is blazing trails in his home state but has bigger aspirations, aiming to inspire those who walk in the same shoes he did and proclaimed “I hope to be the voice for other brown kids, someone they can look up to”, says Nodis. “There’s no formula to life – you can be whoever you want to be; you don’t have to be a doctor or lawyer. For kids who struggle with abuse, I’d like my music to be an escape. If I can create a song that someone gets so lost in, they forget about all the shit they’re going through for just 2-3 minutes, that’ll make me happy.” I am looking forward to hearing new music from him here soon and definitely am glad to have stumbled upon “I Was Drunk.”