i know the sound – [quami.xyz]

Multi-hyphenate artist quami.xyz has always been an artist to look to for forward-thinking creative pushing sonics and visuals. To no surprise, his latest release, a music video for his previously released single, “i know the sound,” embodies his intention and storytelling ability. The moving visual brings the soft-tempo record to life by documenting quami.xyz as he is consumed by lingering racial inequality and its traumatic still-lasting effect on black men and women today. The poignant visual translates this message through a series of symbolic images mixed in with clips from “Birth Of A Nation,” translating the embedded nature of racism and its infection throughout society. The cinematic new visual is a piece of art that obligates you to watch over and over, with each viewing clarifying the layered metaphors and the weight it places on the psyche of the black community.

Watch the “i know the sound” video by quami.xyz below.