Danny Adams
Danny Adams
1 May 2020

After diving deep into the Atlanta underground the past few years, I’ve been able to find some incredible talents that have truly blown me away. I didn’t have to dive too deep in order to find Yung Bans, because he’s been popping off in unimaginable ways. His laid-back persona and catchy flows have turned him into an artist who I haven’t been able to forget about, and I’m not complaining about that in the slightest. Last year’s project Misunderstood was one of my absolute favorite offerings of the entire year, and it’s still something I revisit quite frequently. His unique style is abundant and stands out on every single track, despite the fact that he recruited some of the biggest names in music such as Future, Young Thug, Lil Durk, and YNW Melly, among others. With artists as notorious as this, it’s easy to get overshadowed even on your own album, but Bans’ voice shines through and sticks out from the crowd.

Bans is also known for his abundance of music, putting out hit after hit every time you blink, so when I saw that he dropped a new song called “I JU$$”, I knew I was in for a treat. Dreamy chimes, rattling hats, and reverberating 808s set the foundation of the production, allowing Bans to seemingly float along with his words. His voice is infectious as he boasts his telltale under annunciated words in such a relaxed, calm fashion which emulates the idea that his flows just come naturally to him and he doesn’t have to overthink his delivery in order to make it eye-opening and catchy. His voice is melodic as he stretches out his autotuned lyrics at times in order to truly get the most out of his vocal effects, using them magnificently and effectively. As the hook plays, ad-libs that emphasize the name of the song can be heard, as Bans then goes on to discuss all of the things he bought, all the dreams he had, and the stresses he has been facing throughout his life. When the first and only verse begins, he discusses always having a gun because he’s paranoid, how his mom is the reason that he continues to grind and succeed, and how his grandmother, unfortunately, was taken from this Earth before he could truly give her a better life as he planned.

Not only did he deliver an excellent new song, but he also dropped off an accompanying visual to pair with the track. In this music video, we are transported to Chinatown, which is a perfect setting for this single. The neon lights, artistic buildings, and colorful backdrops mesh flawlessly with the light and vivacious record. As Bans makes his way down the street, he dances and acts out his lyrics, having fun at times while also being noticeably distressed about the anxieties he has constantly floating around in his head. Some shots are slowed down, chopped up, and blurred, creating appealing effects that are even more aesthetically pleasing due to the bright, vibrant lights in the background. The only other setting that the Atlanta star can be spotted in is inside a car as it drives around. The camera is mounted on the hood in such a way that it remains focused and doesn’t shake or vibrate, keeping the shot steady and unphased. During this portion, Bans hangs out the sunroof, vibing along to the song which honestly reminded me somewhat of the way the Joker hangs out of the window in The Dark Knight. It’s a simple scene, but it’s engaging without a doubt.

While this visual is somewhat modest and minimalistic, there are certain natural elements within the setting that help me understand why it was an obvious choice to shoot the video there. Bans’ toned-down demeanor is never excessively flashy, and that’s what I enjoy so much about him. He has a subtlety to him and his music, where you might not realize how catchy each song is until you find yourself humming it for days after just one listen. He also doesn’t take every chance he gets to flaunt his wealth, but rather opts for some more introspective troubles he faces on a daily basis. This helps fans relate to him more than most artists, as he is sort of humanized and shares some of the same stresses that his followers might experience as well. It doesn’t feel like I’ll ever get tired of listening to Yung Bans, whether it’s his previous releases or brand-new offerings, so for that, I’m beyond grateful. “I JU$$” is the name of Bans’ newest release, so make sure to check it out as soon as you possibly can.